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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Information
Aardwolf : Brief introduction to Aardwolf MUD.
Address : Testport address infoxx
Affects : Displays spells and affects currently active on you.
Aflags : Display current game affects.
Alignment : Your moral compass- are you kind or cruel?
Anna Zalanova : Headmistress of Anatomy of the Clerics' Guild.
Aqua Regia : An Aylorian philanthropic society.
Archdeacon Zlixa : Archdeacon of the Paladin's Guild.
Archive : Aardwolf's policy on deleting inactive characters.
Archmage Ardraxus : Head of the Mages' Guild.
Areadeaths : Lists most popular areas based on mobs killed.
Areakills : Lists most dangerous areas based on players killed.
Areas : Lists all areas within a specified level range.
Armor Class : Information on what Armor class was, and what it does.
Attributes : Displays main statistics in brief mode.
Auras : Various object and mobile auras.
Brightness : Varying room brightness in V3.
Builder Rewards : Reward system for building
CON : Your character's overall hardiness.
CONSIDER : Gives a rough estimate of target's overall strength.
COUNT : Shows number of visible players currently online.
CR : How to find assistance getting back to your corpse.
CREDITS : Hail the original Diku mud creators
Captain-General Alaz: Titular head of the Warriors' Guild.
Cast : How to use magical spells on Aardwolf.
Class Stats : Class-based recommendations for training stats.
Client FAQ : Questions about popular MUD client issues
Confiscate : Details regarding return of owned equipment.
Contents : Breakdown of help files by category.
Continents : Background on the new continent system.
Corin Au-Aina Onoro : A society of devout paladins.
Corpses : Special attributes of corpses and equipment on them.
DAMAGE VERBS : List of damage messages in ascending order.
DEX : Your character's overall agility.
DI-Clans : Dead ideas: Clan-related issues.
DI-Double : Dead ideas: Double experience issues.
DI-Gold : Dead ideas: Gold and wealth issues.
DI-Level : Dead ideas: Level-based features.
DI-Lockers : Dead ideas: Equipment & storage.
DI-Manors : Dead Ideas: Manor upgrades/options.
DI-Misc : Dead ideas: Other miscellaneous topics.
DI-Notes : Dead ideas: Note options.
DI-Quests : Dead ideas: Questing.
DI-Spouses : Dead ideas: (MUD) Marriage issues.
DI-Standards : Dead ideas: MUD standards.
DI-Tiers : Dead ideas: Tier abilities/bonuses.
Dead Ideas : Old ideas discussed to death already
Death : What to do when the Reaper calls.
Deities : Clan-specific divine beings.
Diku : Creators of the original DIKU mud waaay back in time :)
Drowning : Penalties for remaining underwater.
EXPLORED : Shows how much of Aardwolf you have explored.
Exits : Shows room names of adjacent locations.
Experience : Information about gaining experience on Aardwolf.
FINGER : Shows when a character was last on Aardwolf.
FLAGS : Where to find information on various game flags.
Facebook : Become a Fan on Facebook
Free Rebuilds : Information about free rebuilds.
Furniture : Furniture - Is there a purpose?
GAMESTAT : Displays tables of players currently online.
GREETING : The login screen.
GREETING2 : The login screen!
Gained : Information on the 'gained' field in 'rebuild check'
Goals : Lists area goals or details on a particular goal.
Graduate : The final steps of new character training.
Groups : Aardwolf's (lack of) custom character creation.
HISTORY01 : The history of Aardwolf, part 1: In the Beginning
HISTORY02 : The history of Aardwolf, part 2.
HISTORY03 : The history of Aardwolf, part 3.
HISTORY04 : The history of Aardwolf, part 4.
HISTORY05 : The history of Aardwolf, part 5.
HISTORY06 : The history of Aardwolf, part 6.
HISTORY07 : The history of Aardwolf, part 7.
HISTORY08 : The history of Aardwolf, part 8.
HISTORY09 : The history of Aardwolf, part 9- Aardwolf 2.0
HISTORY10 : The history of Aardwolf, part 10.
HISTORY11 : The history of Aardwolf, part 11.
HISTORY12 : The history of Aardwolf, part 12.
HISTORY13 : The history of Aardwolf, part 13: Aardwolf V3!
HISTORY14 : The history of Aardwolf, part 14: 2009
HISTORY15 : The History of Aardwolf- 2010
Help : How to use Aardwolf's help system.
History : Index of History Help Files
History16 : The history of Aardwolf - 2011
History17 : The history of Aardwolf - 2012
Hit Points : Hit points, mana, moves- the lifeblood of your characte
Hit Roll : Descriptions of hitroll and damroll attributes.
IMMAPPS : How to become immortal.
INDEX : Searching for help files by their first letters.
INT : Your character's smarts.
Immortals : I have inside me blood of Kings....
Jachin Belbo : A halfling scholar of some renown.
KNOW ALIGNMENT : Gives ability to judge a character's moral standing.
Keepall : Information on the removal of item level limits.
Keys : The mechanics behind the magic of Aardwolf.
LISTEN : Listen to monsters, they might know something important
LUCK : Overall random luckiness of your character.
Lag : The scourge of the mud universe!
Lasher : The head honcho, big kahuna, guy with big red nuke butt
Leaflet : Make money fast! (No, not a pyramid scheme.)
Liquids : Liquid types available in drinkable objects.
Look : Displays information about a room/object/character.
Lost and Found : Lost something? Found Something? Read this!
MAPEXITS : Clarification about continent maps.
MCCP Proxy : How to set up the MCCP proxy for Aardwolf.
MOTD : Information screen displayed at logon.
MXP : Policies regarding Mud eXtension Protocol
MXit : Useful tips to players using MXit.
Manorlocations : Information on manor areas
Materials : Object material types.
Maxstats : Training costs and stat caps tables.
Memorial Garden : In Memorium of players lost to us
Multicast : Special abilities of combat spells.
Mushclient : Information about the Aardwolf version of Mushclient.
NEWWHERE : Tells helpers where new players are.
NUKE : The wrong way to lose a character.
NYDRAXUS : Bon vivant janitor of the Thieves' Guild.
Newbie Guide : Using the Aardwolf Tourist Guide.
Newhelp : New Player welcome information.
Newprompt : Information on the new prompt system (May 2001).
Newsaves : Information on the new 'Saves' method.
OLDMOTD : Information screen displayed at logon.
ONLINE : Shows online statistics for last 24 hours.
Ordo Templi Extranea: A supposedly defunct secret society.
PCHECK : Check if a given player is online/visible to you.
Portal Replacements : Guidelines for replacing portals after area changes.
Powerup : How to gain trains as a hero or superhero.
Primary Class : Definition of the pclass notation.
Protocols : Display MUD client protocols enabled in your client.
QUICKSAND : The bane of all land-based travelers.
Quest Items : Specifications on Aardwolf quest equipment.
RACEINFO : Shows stat training costs by race.
RAU-CHULEGG : Demon Prince of one of the nastier hell dimensions.
REPORT : Shows some of your stats to all in the room.
ROLEPLAY : Aardwolf's view on role-playing.
Recovery : Lists any recovery timers.
Recursion : Information about recursion.
Restore : Global healing by the Immortals.
Revenge : Retaliation system for PK interference.
Roster : Sorted member list for clans and a few other groups.
SERVER : Information on the new server.
SINDYL : Loremaster of the Rangers' Guild.
SLIST : Information on the Slist command
STR : Your character's physical power.
STUDY : Displays current health of all in the room.
SWHO : Various ways to sort who is online.
Samespells : List of abilities with the same or similar effects.
Saves : Attribute to help defend against malicious spells.
Scan : Displays visible monsters in adjacent rooms.
Score : Displays helpful information about your character.
SpamReduce : Reduce unwanted MUD output.
Spelltags : Information on how spellup tags work.
Stats : Summary of all six primary player stats.
Subclass : Overview of class specialization system.
TEST : Test port wants YOU.
TICK : Explanation of game timing.
TODO : Future Aardwolf code projects.
TOPSPELLS : Shows the most commonly used spells, by spells type.
Tags : Show/hide output tags to help script parsing.
Targeting : Selecting a particular target out of multiple choices.
Tasks : Review task information for active goals.
Telltags : Information on how tell tags work.
Telopts : Information on telnet options.
Testers : Process for bringing changes to the MUD.
Tierstats : Sets tier/wish training bonuses
Time : Shows current Andolorian calendar information.
Timers : Description of the various types of timers in Aardwolf.
Twitter : Follow us on Twitter!
V2 : Overview of version 2 of Aardwolf.
V3 : Aardwolf coding/redesign project.
VI : Index listing for all VI Files
VI-Clients : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Clients
VI-Intro : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Intro
VI-Summary : Help for Visually Impaired Players - Vidblain summary
VI-Tips : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Tips
VI-Vidblain : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Vidblain
WAYFIND : Allows user to see portal destinations.
WESTERN CONTINENT : A little story for those interested.
WHERE : Displays some details about the current area.
WHOIS : Shows general information about a character.
WIS : Measurement of your character's piety.
WIZLEVELS : Quick list of required Imm levels for mortal issues.
WIZLIST : Quick-list all current immortals (admins).
WWW : A list of useful web resources.
Weapon Flags : Special properties weapons may acquire.
Who : Shows the people currently playing Aardwolf.
Xterm : Information on the Xterm 256 color mode.
glossary-cr : definition of CR
glossary-train : definition of train
newbieclan : Commonly asked questions about joining a clan
newtester : Process for bringing changes to the MUD.
pill : What to do with a pill