Leaders Help

Clan leaders in Aardwolf have many responsibilities, and thus have been given commands.

There are many helpfiles for clan leaders. Listed below are some of the most common and descriptions of each.

Clanleaders The basic information about leading a clan.

ClanAdmin All the functionality of basic clanadmin helps, including how to recruit someone!

Clanallies How to set status syntax is at the bottom.

Exlist Want to know who has a manorlink?

Vote Admin We don't mind helping you set up your vote, but most the answers are here.

Clan Disband When no one chooses to lead.

CM-CDEF-PH What does it all mean???

CM-Index All the pesky CM files!

Cdef-Index All the ways to defend and maze rules.

ClanTrans How to make one, what happens to them.

Raid The official raid helpfile

Raidparty How to start one, disband one, and general info.

Leadercommands A quick glance of leader commands