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Help Wiki

AardWiki is a Wiki website (see hosted on the Aardwolf
server.  Like other Wiki websites, information on AardWiki pages can be
modified, edited, and expanded upon by the players of Aardwolf.

The address is

As of its creation, only a simple framework has been added.  The Aardwolf
community is invited to create new pages as well as expand and correct
existing pages.  Simply create an account (see below) and click on 'Edit'
to modify a page.  See the 'Basic Editing' section of the website for more
information on Wiki editing conventions.

Standard rules for MUD conduct apply to the AardWiki as well; things such
as direct mobwalk listings and detailed area quest information are not
allowed.  Similarly, spamming and other troublemaking is not permitted.
Breaking these simple rules will result in being banned from editing
AardWiki pages.  However, other tips, recommendations, guides, and the
like are allowed- and desirable!  That's what the Wiki is all about,
player-designed guides in one central location.

Creating an Account

To prevent malicious players from creating accounts solely to cause trouble
on the AardWiki, you will need an Imm to create the account for you. The 
current Imm who works with the wiki is Rumour. Either send a tell or a note
in the personal forum to one of them, and mention a desired password (Please
choose one you'll remember since you'll need an imm to change it for you 
if you forget). Once notified that your account has been created, simply 
use the edit tab on one of the player-created pages to receive the prompt 
to log in to your account.