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 The best stats to focus on for each class are listed below.

 * Strength should be most important, to increase the damage your skills 
 * Dexterity and Constitution should be next; Dexterity increases the 
   number of hits you get per round, and Constitution helps reduce the
   amount of damage that you take. Con and Dex are the secondary stats
   (after Strength) which determine your skill effectiveness.
 * Luck is always useful; it helps in many areas.
 * Unless you are a remort spellcaster with lots of trains to spare, you 
   have little use for Wisdom and Intelligence. If you can get Wisdom
   high, it will help your healing potions and sanctuary/protection spells; 
   otherwise just go with the defaults. Warrior skills are cheaper to 
   practice than caster spells because you will not have as many practices
   per level and will not have high Int.

 * Dexterity is critical for thieves. Maximize Dex whenever possible. It is
   the primary stat determining how much damage your thief poisons and other
   attacks will do, and how many hits you will get.
 * Luck is also very important for thieves- more important than for most 
 * After Dexterity and Luck, you should focus on Strength, then Constitution.
   You will notice that the secondary affect for thief spells is spread 
   fairly evenly between Str and Con; focusing on either of these will help
   you through the levels just fine.
 * The notes on Wisdom and Intelligence for Warriors also apply to Thieves.

 * Intelligence is by far the most important stat for a mage to focus on. 
   Int will allow the mage to do far more damage with their combat spells.
 * Wisdom is also important for a mage; it helps spells' damage and will
   help protect you from offensive spells.  The higher Wis also helps with
   the increased healing and protection you will need.
 * As always, Luck affects everything, including spell success and damage.
 * Melee combat is still important as a spellcaster.  Try to keep your
   Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution high to make better use of your
   physical attacks between spellcasting and when mana runs low.

 * Wisdom is the most important stat for a Cleric. Wisdom is the main stat
   affecting combat spells AND protective spells that you will use; this
   stat should always be maxed whenever possible.
 * Intelligence and Luck also affect the damage of most Cleric spells.
 * See the note under Mages for recommendations on Strength, Dexterity, and

 Psionicist (Psi)
 * Psis have a tough break compared to Mages and Clerics, because both int
   and wis should be as high as possible in order to get the most benefit
   from spells.  However, you also have the widest range of beneficial and
   harmful spells.
 * Luck is also important; this is the next main stat that influences the
   damage of your attack spells.
 * As with other spellcasters, Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution should
   be kept at moderate levels to aid in combat.

 * The primary stat for Rangers is Constitution; it allows you to survive in
   the wild and affects most of your combat spells.
 * Rangers are a mix of spellcasting and combat; as such, a good balance of
   all stats is required (Strength and Dexterity for physical attacks, and
   Constitution and Wisdom for magic attacks).  Alternatively, you could
   choose one of either Str/Dex or Con/Wis to focus on attack skills or
   magical spells.
 * As always, Luck plays a role in everything.

 * Paladins require a combination of Constitution and Intelligence to work 
 * Wisdom also enhances your spells and abilities.
 * Unlike other classes, alignment (see 'help alignment') also plays a major
   role in your abilities.  Extreme alignments will provide more impact on
   your skills and spells than a neutral alignment.

 You may also want to look to your fellow class members for advice; see
 'help class channels' for an easy way to communicate with all members of
 the same class as yourself.

 It is not recommended to train hit points, mana, or moves if you are not
 quest-sitting, as the trains can be used later when the training costs are
 higher (see 'help maxtrains').