Weapon Flags

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Last Updated  : 2023-09-01 17:36:22.
The following is a list of different flags available for weapons.  Only one
flag may be set on a weapon on a time; setting another will remove the
original flag.  This flag can be changed with trivia points- see 'help
trivia points'.

See 'help <flagname> flag' (e.g., 'help vorpal flag') for more detail on
each weapon flag.

Changing:  Chaotic magic possesses your weapon, causing it to often change
damage type in an erratic burst of energy.

Flaming:  Randomly burns a victim, doing flame damage and possibly blinding
an enemy.

Frost:  Occasionally chills an opponent, affecting the target's
strength and shattering potions.

Poisoned:  Has a chance to poison the enemy and decrease their
constitution each round.

Sharp:  Razor-sharp weapons can cause a little extra damage.

Shocking:  Zaps a target for electric damage, and may short-circuit
magical objects and the target's muscles.

Vampiric:  Negative energy may drain life from the target and bestow it
upon the weapon's wielder.

Vorpal:  This flag gives a random chance of instant kill by decapitation,
acting as though you had killed the target normally.

Weapon flags can be set at the Aylorian Enchantment Clinic - 'runto wflag'
from anywhere in Aylor.