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Last Updated  : 2018-01-13 12:03:57.

'Help pfile refresh' explains how to copy your live player file to test port. 
 *** You must do this or you will not be able to log in to test port.

The testport address itself is port 6555.

Important information for you to read and understand is contained in the 
following test port helpfiles. Read these helps once you have copied your
player file and successfully connected to the test port:

'help goalconv': Lists some of the more common errors found in goals
 and things to look out for.

'help subclass testing': Really applies to any new code changes - 
 things to look out for when testing new code or bug fixes.

'help testcommands': A summary of the commands available on the test
 port to help set the level, class, stats, skills, etc on your char. These
 commands make testing much easier.

'help luaareas': A list of areas that are either being converted to
 lua, or are having goals added.  Lists status of each area, and which
 ones need testing.

In addition to these, read as many of the prior general and bugs notes on
the test port as you can stand to get through (skimming them is fine too).
Doing that will give a good overview of how the test port runs. 

Of course, the announce and mudinfo boards on test port should be read as 
fully as possible.

Thanks for helping us bring new features and challenges to the Aardwolf