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Your character advances in power by gaining experience. You gain 
experience by killing monsters (alone, or in a group with others), by 
improving in a skill or spell through use and for completing some goals.

The amount of experience you need per level (sometimes called 'tnl') starts 
at 1,000 for a brand new single-class player and increases as you 
gain remorts ('help remort') and tiers ('help tier'). To see a table of exp 
per level at each remort and tier combination, use the 'exptable' command.

You lose experience by fleeing or recalling out of combat, and from death
(see 'help death').

The experience you get from a kill depends on several things, including 
how many players are in your group, your level versus the monster's level, 
your alignment versus the monster's alignment, and some random variation. 
Those monsters which are less frequently killed gain a slight experience 
and gold bonus the longer they stay alive - see 'help rarekill' for more 
information on this. Mobs that reset with sanctuary also carry a slight 
bonus compared to their unprotected counterparts.

The maximum experience per level you may have is 10,000, regardless of your
tier.  Heroes and Superheroes only need 1000 exp per power up, regardless 
of their previous experience per level cost.  'Help power up' for more information. 

The 'x' and 'exp' commands are shortcuts to see your current exp until next
level and your total exp.  It is also displayed in several other places,
including 'score', 'group', and as a prompt option (see 'help prompt').