Help Keywords : Score Status.
 Help Category : Information.
 Related Helps : Stats, Whois, Attributes.
 Last Updated  : 2015-10-12 16:46:34.
 Syntax: score

 The 'status' command is a global alias for 'score'.

 This command will display a wealth of information about your character,
 including attributes, quest and trivia points, and much more.

 There are shorter "status" commands that show individual pieces of score:

   attrib - Shows your base/adjusted stats, trains, and practices.
   gold   - shows current gold on hand.
   hunger - shows current hunger/thirst values.
   weight - Shows item quantities (current/max) and total weight.
   x      - Shows your xp to level and total xp.

 A few items in this display are covered in more detail in their respective
 help files.  Hitroll/Damroll are discussed in 'help hitroll' and the numbers 
 in hunger, in 'help eat'.

 A '*' next to a stat in score means that the stat is fully trained and as
 high as it can go with equipment and spell boosts. A '+' means that the stat
 has reached its current max but can still be trained higher.

 If you are looking for information on item scores found in identify, the
 compare and eqsearch commands, etc., see 'help compare'.