Help Keywords : Tags.
Help Category : Information.
Related Helps : Policies7, Statmon.
Last Updated  : 2010-05-03 18:05:57.
Syntax:  tags                    : Display a list of available tags.
         tags <option> [on|off]  : Turn a tag on/off.
         tags [on|off]           : Temporarily enable/disable tags.

The 'tags' command allows you to add tags around various types of game
output.  The main purpose of the tags command is to allow client users to
develop their own scripts for capturing/manipulating Aardwolf output.

Typing 'tags' with no argument shows a list of available tags.  To turn 
tags on/off, use 'tags <tagname> on' or 'tags <tagname> off'- unlike many
game commands, typing the tag name by itself does not toggle the setting,
to help prevent script confusion.  The special 'tags quiet' will silence 
all tags when turned on; this is synonymous with the 'tags off' command 
(and vice versa).

If tags are enabled, scroll will be disabled, to prevent any interference
from paging prompts.

Most tag settings simply use a {tagname} and {/tagname} header and footer
based upon the type of tag; however, Some tags require further elaboration
and have their own help files:

Inventory - 'help invdata'
Spellups  - 'help spelltags'
Tells     - 'help telltags'