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                         AARDWOLF HISTORY

Aardwolf has undergone many changes; the following series of help files 
are just a brief summary of some of the more mentionable changes, and are
not even close to complete....

29th Nov 1996: Lasher & Valkur decide to run their own 2.4 based mud.

30th Nov 1996: Lasher works on porting OLC from 2.3 to 2.4 for builders.
               Valkur designs game world and sets to work on OLC rules.

1st  Dec 1996: 210 levels (200 player) implemented. 
               Wear positions 'eyes' 'ears' and 'on back' added.
               Materials implemented and added to OLC.
               Colour added. Stat maxxes increased to 35.
               Rewritten questor added. Better selection of targets. Quest
               fail implemented.

2nd  Dec 1996: Area lock/Creator reimplemented in 2.4 OLC
               OLC converter to save 2.3 areas as 2.4 written.

3rd  Dec 1996: Trivia channel/points in. Curse channel in. (Defaults to off
               for new characters). 
               Races troll, halfling, quickling, sprite, half-grif, drow,
               and centaur added. Helps re-done for each. 

4th  Dec 1996: Valkur and Lasher's classes along with all skills/spells 
               added into the mud. Many of the skills and spells will need
               recoding for ROM 2.4. Mud announced to aardvark players.
               Scan in. Creation colourized and fixed.

5th  Dec 1996: Hunt added. Auction added. Version 2 of board system is in.
               Lasher's rewritten dual wield added (the one that was put into
               Aardvark about 2 days before it went down). 'Haste' and
               'slow' commands in for quicklings. 'Invis' for sprite.
               Showskill command added. Rewritten 'AREAS' command in.

6th  Dec 1996: Remove all/sac all added. Prompt length increased.
               Money/buy/sell/drop/get routines rewritten - Silver is no
               longer used and money is weightless. Buy multiple objects
               code added. Weapon prompt on creation removed.
               Flower shop in. Death (variable) and level info added.
               Class channels in. 'Pray' works as before. Area reset
               messages in.

7th  Dec 1996: Mud open to public! =) Banks in. Donate is in.
               Restore perm affects after death. Notitle in.
               Area name in 'where'. Gain reconvert in. 'Whois' changed.
               For/Exlist/Vlist and rename (imm) added.

8th  Dec 1996: Reset randomization back in. Stories in.
               Lots of OLC bug fixes, no doubt more to come ...

9th  Dec 1996: In room portals set. New damage messages in

11th Dec 1996: Table/Fully working access locking/objlist in.
               Moons in, type 'HELP MOONS'. Falling objects in.
               Campfires added, Holyrift added.

15th Dec 1996: Warfare is in - Class/race/clan/free for all battles!

... Continued in 'HISTORY02'