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 Unfortunately, on Aardwolf, Death is a way of Life!  When it comes to 
 retrieving your corpse and continuing forward, a number of options are 
 available to you:

 - You can type 'owned' (short for ownedwhere) to find the location of 
   your corpse(s) in the game.

 - If you have access to the newbie channel, you can ask there and a 
   Helper, Advisor, or other player may be able to help you out. If you get
   no response after a minute or two, ask again, but please don't spam the
   question over and over.

 - If you no longer have access to the newbie channel, you could try asking
   for help on one of the global channels, such as Question or Gossip;
   however, players are not obligated to help. (Remember to give them
   consent- see 'help consent'.)

 - Some players have marked themselves as willing to help retrieve corpses
   by adding 'cr' to their 'from' field. You can find those players by
   typing 'who from cr'.  Again, these players are not required to assist
   you.  Note that typing 'who cr' without 'from' will instead show 
   you the Crafter subclass, and not corpse retrievals.

 - Corpses last for 3 hours of online time. If you quit the game, the 
   corpse quits with you and the timer stops. If nobody is available to 
   help, another option is to quit and try again later.

 - The Ivarian Head Priestess at the Aylorian Temple (a few steps north of 
   recall) can retrieve your corpse. However, you may only use her services
   3 times, ever. Use 'pray for corpse' at the priestess to retrieve your
   corpse(s) and/or check how many times you may still use her services.

 - If all else fails, and you cannot retrieve your corpse yourself, you can
   get it back by spending 1 trivia point. To do this, go to Ravi's shop
   (in the temple area north of recall - 'runto ravi') and type 'tpspend 
   corpse'. This will bring all of your corpses back to that room.

 - Joining a clan which has a morgue means that you will have the use of
   that morgue.  A clan with a morgue will have all its members' corpses
   appear in that room instead of where they died.

 Above all, remember that courtesy, patience, and politeness will go a long
 way towards finding help... not only with CRs, but overall on the MUD.

 There is also a video which shows corpse retrieval help on Aardwolf: