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Last Updated  : 2023-07-14 17:47:11.
The strength stat determines how strong your character is. Strength affects
the following areas:

- How hard your non magical attacks hit is based on your strength.
  Even for thief skills where the base damage is based on dexterity,
  the damage modifiers are still based on strength. Increasing your
  strength will increase the damage you do with weapons.

- Total weight you can carry is determined by strength.

- Number of items you can carry is determined by strength and dexterity,
  strength is the most important of the two.

- The higher your strength is, the higher your hitroll and damroll
  will be.

Note:  Aardwolf stats in general have a huge effect on the game- more so
than with most muds. Be sure you have read 'help stats' before you start to
train your character's stats as this helpfile gives advice on the best
stats to train for each class.