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Last Updated  : 2017-12-23 22:56:20.

A Global Restore can be done by an Imm on a special occasion. It will 
restore your current hit points, mana and moves back to full, regardless of 
your current situation (fighting, sleeping, etc.) in the game.

Mortals may also buy individual and global restores.  Individual restores
cost one trivia point and are available for purchase at Ravi; see 'help
tpspend'. Global restores come with a custom message, at a cost of 2
trivia points, and must be performed by an Immortal. 

A clan can also request a global restore. The cost is 300 quest points and 
will be withdrawn from the clan account (approval from one of the clan
leaders is necessary).

As with other facets of the game, using a clan's likeness (name or logo)
requires approval from one of that clan's leaders. Derogatory messages
aimed at another player are not allowed. Restore messages containing
political hot-button issues will be denied. 

Restores may not be purchased within an hour of the last global restore (if 
you are unsure, Immortals can see the last restore time and will inform you 
if enough time hasn't passed). Also, restores will not be allowed during 
active raids (type 'raidparty list' to see if any raiding parties are