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12th Oct 2002: Wedded Bliss area added (Jaenelle & WindJammer)
               Pyre V2 clan skill in (Gloom). WWW command added. Clanadmin
               speedwalk added for open shops. NOPK flag added for open 
               clans. Tanelorn and Crusader become NOPK.

19th Oct 2002: Avian Kingdom area added (Leaf). Challenge/Duel system 
               for one on one player combat added, see 'HELP CHALLENGE'. 

20th Oct 2002: 'Nochallenge' command added. Challenge withdraw added.

 9th Nov 2002: Three pillars of Diatz area added (Dirtworm). 'Floating 
               above' slot added for trivia aura. Rhabdo V2 clan skill 
               (Rage) added. 

16th Nov 2002: Clan alliances coded added. See 'help allies'. Romani V2 
               clan skill added (Sumadji). 'Spells others' added. 

 3rd Dec 2002: First generation of raiding installed on Aardwolf test

18th Dec 2002: Almost completed raiding module including defend, raidparty,
               ptell, raidstats and other commands installed on test port.

22nd Dec 2002: The Seven Wonders area added (Zendalonii). Entrance to Hades
               area added (Drakus).

31st Dec 2002: Player ability to 'myrank' others added. Obj levels added to
               inventory and 'noobj' toggle command added. 'who www <search>'
               and 'who afkmsg <search>' added.

17th Jan 2003: The Dread Tower area added (Mars/Sheol). Clear command 
               added. NoWeb Wish added. Gift of Anubis clan skill (seekers) 
               and Anoint (Crusaders).

23rd Mar 2003: Tir na NoG area added (Blunt & Ciaran). The Flying
               Citadel area added (Jakalair). 4 new wishes added: privacy, 
               pockets, uncurse and portal. Amazon V2 clan skill added. 
               Note reply redone. 

13th Apr 2003: The Temple of Shal'indrael area added (Dominian). Skinned items
               modified and 'preserve' skill added. Gamestat 8 added. Modified 
               how alignment works for neutral players - mobs give same xp 
               regardless of align. 

27th Apr 2003: The Labyrinth area added (Vladia). The 'sleeping' position was
               added and trivia bags changed to not have to drop to use. 
               Aardwolf upgraded to RedHat 9.0.

 1st May 2003:----------- Aardwolf V2.1 - V2 with Raiding, yay ------------

 3rd May 2003: Raiding actually went live. Emerald's V2 clan skill added. 

 6th May 2003: Max input buffer for tells etc increased from 256 to 512. 'Who 
               raidpk' option added. Added history to spouse and group talk. 
               Rewrote force bolt and Talon spells.

 7th May 2003: Experimenting with object list being double linked. If all goes 
               well will convert other lists widely used in mud.

 8th May 2003: Druid clan goes nopk. Blackjack game installed - coded by
               Sarlock. Raidinfo history separated into 'raids -h'. Added rank 19 -
               duels won.

11th May 2003: Notes reworked to have fixed numbers. Mobprog resets re-arranged.
               Char list is double linked - watch out for mob related bugs.

16th May 2003: Performance reboot. Added seperate linked list for
               fighting and rewrote combat handling + stop_fighting which 
               together accounted for 15% of all Aardwolf CPU usage. 
               Nodeathechos toggle added. 

23rd May 2003: Halls of the damned area added (Calabus). Ownedcarry command
               added. Stats command added. 

14th Jun 2003: Reown re-added, cost 6tp per item. Spells hitroll and spells
               damroll options added. Output buffer size increased. Aardwolf web 
               site redesign competition announced.

19th Jun 2003: Web site re-design competition opened.

29th Jun 2003: The great city of Knossos area added. Skipnextloot, keyloot
               and new domains command added by Sarlock. 'Retell' command. Notier
               option added for war. 

14th Jul 2003: Nomagic room flag added. Note forward/repost added. Colorset
               players and 'info pkdeaths' added.

20th Jul 2003: New clan petitions and redesigned web site entries posted 
               publicly to aardmud.org.

25th Jul 2003: Taunt skill added. Noprivacy toggle added for the wish. 
               Checkname command added for imms. Sh silent reduced to 800qp. 
               'who p<class>' syntax added.

28th Jul 2003: Six new clans added to Aardwolf:

               Knights of Perdition - Zendalonii, Meka, Lolly. (PK)
               The Elemental Cabal  - Dilligaf, Lator, Derar, Larken. (PK)
               Loqui                - Jaenelle, Xolotl, Cyrandis. (PK)

               Midgaardian Publishing Group - Wolfe, Kittenbane, Fiendish (NOPK).
               House of Touchstone          - Thirstan, Yavanna, Windu (NOPK).
               The Creation of Tao          - Ronnie, Servus, Dreamfyre (NOPK).

 5th Aug 2003: Filt, Delight, Tyanon and Pane become immortals.

 8th Aug 2003: Unearthly bonds area added - Vladia. Rlook command added.  
               Clanadmin goto command added. Bonus xp for rarely killed mobs and
               mobs repopping with sanc.

15th Aug 2003: MCCP V1 and V2 both working (Sarlock). Noteleport and fasthunt
               wishes added. Who notier added. 'Note read last' added.

13th Sep 2003: Suspend and activate commands added. Cabal clan skill added 
               (stabilize). Loqui clan skill added (Clandestine). Nowarinfo command
               added. Tpspend token returns. Tpforgold removed. 

Continued in 'HELP HISTORY11'...