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Last Updated : 2020-10-20 13:32:52.
The following issues regarding clans can be considered 'dead' and not worth arguing for/against.

  Both PK and NoPK are acceptable ways of life on Aardwolf.  Neither is
  going to disappear.  There are ways for NoPK to engage in player-killing
  contests if they desire (OPK, duels, combat maze, etc.), but if a nopk 
  player does not want to participate, they are not obligated to do so.

  Clans will not be able to buy clan-owned quest equipment.  There is no
  easy way to track or store this equipment; it just ends up messy.

  Only clan leaders may post upgrade notes.  If you want a non-leader to
  post your revamped maze upgrades, learn it well enough to post yourself
  or make that player a leader.  The only exception to this rule is for use
  of clan funds as prizes during Imm-approved festivals.

  Since the V3 conversion, Armor Class on clan equipment has been converted
  to physical resistance. Customization of resists on clan eq is not 
  planned at this time. The focus is to bring the usefulness of other
  equipment back into the game. Getting equipment with both the best stats
  and best resists should not be as easy as walking to the nearest shop!

  There will never be a way to permanently lose your equipment to someone
  else (PK rewards, etc.).

  Outcasts are not a clan and will not get clan features, like clantalk,
  warfare, etc.  This flag is meant as a transition back to unclanned, not
  a separate clan of its own.

  Prevent target's clan members from claiming a (WANTED) flag. This
  would achieve nothing, they'll just get a friend to do it. Expect that
  if you put a wanted flag on someone they're probably going to have the
  gold reward claimed by a 'friendly' who might even split the reward 
  with them. 

  Clans no longer in the game as a result of a merger or disbandment are 
  gone from the game for good. Honour their memory and lost glory but do
  not dwell in the past.