Jachin Belbo

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Jachin Belbo was a halfling researcher of great fame in certain circles of occult and semiotic esoterica. He spent his early years as a warrior in the service of Aylor's Expeditionary Guards, and served with distinction during the wars against the invading demon forces of Vlad-Shamir. After the wars he settled into a life of scholarship and quickly became respected for his insight.

His most recent work is a hastily published tract called The Protocols of the Elders of the Aqua Regia; a scathing expose of the philanthropic group of the same name, whom he claims are plotting to overthrow the governments of Andolor. By his description they are in league with a little-known sect called the Ordo Templi Extranea.

Belbo's body was discovered in his home in the Aardwolf Estates, dead of an apparent heart attack. Fingers were quickly pointed at the Aqua Regia, who expressed sympathy, but also shock and outrage at the slander.