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Last Updated  : 2014-03-22 13:37:26.
Luck is a general purpose stat affecting virtually everything in the game.
Luck is a primary stat in almost nothing, but helps almost everything.
The main areas affected by luck are:

- A character with higher luck will dodge more often, hit more often, do
  more damage with spells and avoid harmful effects easier.

- A very lucky character can gain additional trains and stats when raising
  a level, and quest points when completing a quest.

- Luck helps determine your chances of adding magical affects to items when
  using spells such as enchant armor, resonate, solidify, etc.

- Luck will help you hit multiple times with many skills.

Note:  Aardwolf stats in general have a huge effect on the game- more so
than with most muds. Be sure you have read 'help stats' before you start to
train your character's stats as this helpfile gives advice on the best 
stats to train for each class.