Spam Reduce

Help Keywords : Spamreduce.
Help Category : Utility.
Related Helps : Config, Autolist, Damage, Healtype, Spam2.
Last Updated : 2023-05-03 14:13:45.
Syntax: spamreduce : List all spamreduce options.

         spamreduce [keyword]  : Turn on / off individual options.
         spamreduce save       : Save current spamreduce settings.
         spamreduce restore    : Restore saved settings.
         spamreduce all        : Turn on all spamreduce options.         
         spamreduce none       : Turn off all spamreduce options.

Note: This helpfile is about the 'spamreduce' command. For a helpfile

      listing all spam reduction options see 'help spam2'

The spamreduce command replaces a number of 'config' commands related to overall spam reduction in the game and adds several new ones. The main advantage is that spamreduce gives the option to 'spamreduce save' which will copy all your settings and restore them at a later time.

For example, if you are about to go on an epic area run and want to silence as much as possible, you can 'spamreduce save' to save your settings, then 'spamreduce all' to turn on all options. When you are ready to return to your normal game, 'spamreduce restore' will restore your settings.

Spamreduce is also useful if you are troubleshooting and temporarily want to see all game output. Do 'spamreduce save' to save your settings, then 'spamreduce none' to turn off all options. When you want to return to your normal settings use 'spamreduce restore'.

Details for the individual options are included below.

Spamreduce areaspells: Some spells such as earthquake will send a message to everyone in the area when cast. This option turns those messages off.

Spamreduce bcries: Players have the option to set a battlecry that other players see when they enter combat ('help battlecry'). Turning on this option will prevent you from seeing battlecries.

Spamreduce cmaze: Turns off warning messages when you enter a combat maze room.

Spamreduce combat: Prevents you from seeing attacks made by/on people not in your group. You will still see damage messages from people in the same group as you. If you do not wish to see other group members' combat, use the 'groupcombat' option.

Not all messages are choked by these commands; you will still see 'special' messages from certain skills and mob programs regardless of the setting. This option replaces the 'battlespam' command.

Spamreduce consider: Turns off consider messages from other players in the room.

Spamreduce dispel: Turns off third party dispel magic messages. Mostly useful in large groups on epic runs.

Spamreduce dodges: Turns off all messages from dodge type skills such as dodge, parry and blink.

Spamreduce echodeaths: Controls whether or not you see messages about mobs being killed in nearby rooms. This option replaces the 'echodeaths' command.

Spamreduce hunger: Will turn off 'You are hungry' and 'You are thirsty' messages. Make sure you check your hunger / thirst in score from time to time if you turn this option on and find yourself healing slowly.

Spamreduce groupcombat: Prevents you from seeing combat messages from other people in your group. Can reduce spam considerably in a large group. Replaces the previous 'groupspam' command.

Spamreduce groupexp: In a large group, messages such as 'Lasher gains 50 exp' can become quite spammy. Setting this option will turn off those messages.

Spamreduce mobstatus: By default, you will see a mob's general health condition after each round of combat (lightly wounded, needs a hospital, etc). Turning the spamreduce mobstatus option on will suppress these messages. Particularly useful if you already have your prompt set to include mob health percentage. (See 'help prompt'). This option replaces the 'nostatus' command.

spamreduce noexp: Hide 'set to receive no experience' messages when noexp is turned on.

spamreduce noexp2: Hide amount of experience that would have been given when noexp is turned on.

Spamreduce peek: This option determines whether or not you will automatically attempt to 'peek' at another player's inventory when you look at them. This option replaces the 'nopeek' command.

Spamreduce pheal: Turns off party heal group messages that don't actually heal someone. No output at all if nobody is healed.

Spamreduce showdesc: Controls whether or not you will automatically see another player's full description when using 'whois' on them. This option replaces the 'autodesc' command.

Spamreduce spellups: This prevents you from seeing other players cast spells unless it is someone you are in combat with or the spell is being cast on you. It replaces the previous 'nospellupspam'.

Spamreduce spellchants: This option on will prevent you from seeing others cast spells ('<Player> chants the phrase...'), even in non-silentspell rooms. Note that this has no impact on the actual spell effect, only the casting messages.

To completely turn off seeing other players' spellups see the 'spellups' option. This option replaces the 'quietspells' command.

Spamreduce wflags: Some weapons have special flags such as flaming, shocking, vorpal, etc. These weapons show a message each time a special flag fires and it can get quite spammy once you have a lot of hits. Turning on 'spamreduce wflags' will hide those messages.