Epics are very high level areas that require a large group of powerful characters to complete. Current epic areas in Aardwolf include Oradrin's Chosen, Journey to the Inferno, Icefall, A Genie's Last Wish and Winds of Fate. These entire areas have been flagged as 'morgue'; this means that unclanned/outcast players who die in these areas will suffer the usual death penalties but will wake in the Aylorian Hospital with all their equipment.

Cracks of Terra and The Titans' Keep are also epic areas, but they are commonly referred to as 'mini-epics' because only a small group size is allowed for completion. The more challenging rooms in these areas have also been given the morgue flag. Winds of Fate can also be run with a much smaller group, the epic automatically adjusts requirements based on the number of people in the group. It is easier to run with 6+ people.

Wiki with explanation of each Epic area. - Guides on participating and leading every epic.

Simplified run guides - Simplified guides for new participants.

Mentorfest Logs - Mentorfest Logs from various years.

What am I working for! - A list of items and their stats that are the rewards from completing epics.

 Why Should I Bother? - The Reward of Dying 

 Each epic gives out different rewards. I won't be going into extreme
 detail about each epic, but I will give you a snapshot of the rewards
 possible for each epic. 

 Please note, there is also small-group epics such as Terra and Titan. I am
 not going over these rewards. These are both 5-person teams epics. 

 Any item I reference will have an identify listed at the bottom. 

 This is quick and easy. There is a reason this epic is run (usually) twice daily without
 fail for the past 7'ish months when new rewards were implemented. For 10-15
 minutes of your time, you get gold, trains, and quest points. Also some
 easy drops of rank EQ. Rumor has it there might be something else in store
 for those who hit high numbers, but so far nothing has been substantiated. 

 On your 25th run you will get 1 quest point. Each run after 25, you get 1
 qp per run, until the 50th, then you get 2 qps. And so this continues each
 25 runs. Shaelynne is currently at 440 runs, gaining 17qps a run. 

 A max qp per run has not yet been confirmed. So far, no one has hit the max. 

 A rank item you'll see is a Gift.  

 Run count moves you up through the ranks and the higher the rank the better rewards you get. You can also
 earn trivia points, gold, eq slot rank items, wands, and really fancy ruby
 rings (read: costume jewelry). Inferno takes time to build up your rank
 and with a run once everyone four days. 

 A rank item you'll see is a Scars. 

 Run count moves you up through the ranks like Inferno. Each run gets you a sand, which you can turn in
 for 2 million gold. You also get a rune that lets you into a pup zone for
 the area for a short time. Genie has item-only rewards besides the gold
 and rune. 

 A rank item you'll see is a Turban. 

 Once you complete each run you'll receive a card (or more) and possibly some quest points. You use
 the cards to complete each case. This case can be traded in for rank gear.
 You can turn in cards for trivia points as well. 

 A rank item you'll see is a Beacon. 

 Icefall 1 / 2 
 You'll be able to see your stats at the report posted to game board, but also in the area there is function for this. You'll get
 points for each run and you can buy your items (rank eq, helper items,
 other goodies) in the shops in the area. Some items require run counts. 

 A rank item you'll see is a Flux Ring.