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Help Category : Information.
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Last Updated  : 2011-12-16 21:39:26.
Syntax: tasks                : List task reminders for all open goals.
        tasks <goal name>    : List task reminders for given goal.
        tasks <goal name> all: See all past and currently open tasks.
        tasks here           : List task reminders for current area.
        tasklist             : Offers a quick summary of all open tasks.
        tasklist <goal name> : List summary of tasks in given goal only.

Goals (see 'help goals') are generally separated into several tasks.  The
'tasks' command will show a log of information about any open tasks you
currently have.  This may include direct speech from key mobiles and any
other hints that are important to the goal's completion.

By itself, the tasks command shows all open tasks and any hints in each
goal.  Use 'tasks <goal name>' to show only tasks/hints for one particular
goal and 'tasks here' to show only tasks for the area you are currently in.

'tasklist' provides a short summary of all open tasks without the extra
information in the 'tasks' log.  This may also be filtered by using a goal
name after tasklist, e.g. 'tasklist academy'.

See 'help goals' for more information on sorting active goals, and 'help
<area name>' for information on each goal.