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Help for builders


Help buildcommands

Intro to Building - A Good Start

The Building Rules


The Dead Zone

Holy Cow - I am a Builder

Area Editing

Object Requirements

Object Single Points

Object Dual Points

Where to get help

  • On testport, help buildlinks is a helpful file of links to important information
  • Ask on testport
  • Ryan- The Builder Bot

Useful tips

  • Make sure you have immfo luaerr on toggled the right way. It will show you errors in running lua scripts. If the program is one of yours then you should fix it!
  • Use --- in your code to add a comment. Comments are very useful to help you understand the flow of your code, because there is currently no way to auto-indent your code in the editor.


Other Additional Helps

Lua Global Variables

Lua Funtioning

Lua Table of Functions with Definitions

Lua Properties

V3 Stats for Mobs

Weapon Dice Help

Mobprog Examples