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21st Sep 2003: Verdure estates area added. (Tsubaki)

29th Sep 2003: Aardwolf's new website, designed by Bluefeather and put together
               by Sirene and Bluefeather, goes live.

25th Oct 2003: Tao v1 clan skill added. Dominion V2 clan skill added. "Ivoted" 
               command added.

26th Oct 2003: Maebo becomes the first player to explore 100% of Aardwolf - 
               almost two years after Aardwolf started tracking exploration.

 9th Nov 2003: Goblin Fortress area added - Calabus. TP cost increased to

23rd Nov 2003: Tripitaka and Whitdjinn become immortals of Aardwolf.

 5th Dec 2003: Desert Doom area added - Windu. Dortmund area added - 
               replacement for Thalos (Calabus). Fort Terramire area added - 
               replacement for Drow City (Vladia). Tao and Perdition V2 clan
               skills added.

10th Dec 2003: Java telnet client added, using JTA 2.0

14th Dec 2003: The Infestation area added (Rundvelt), replaces Shire.
               Den of Thieves area added (Madrox), replaces Arachnos.
               Explored 'resetarea' added.

14th Jan 2004: The Art of Melody area added - replaces Miden'nir.
               Lottery reworked for higher jackpots. SH double goes to 10 mins.

25th Jan 2004: Jungles of Verume area added (Leaf), replaces giant pyramid.

28th Jan 2004: New quest options: objstat and objlower added. New wishes
               for bravery and underwater breathing. Advice converted to V3
               format. New identify format added.

 1st Feb 2004: Dex/Tier changes added. New channel system installed - 
               around half of the channels converted to V3 format. 

14th Feb 2004: Plaideleon and Neeper become immortals of Aardwolf.

15th Feb 2004: Wars of wizards area added - Calabus. Colorset options 
               added for mobs and players in scan. Gsocial removed along with
               gthink and gsay - replaced with *think and *say channel 
               options. Ghaan becomes an immortal of Aardwolf.

14th Mar 2004: Tournament Camps area added - Timeghost. New rauction system
               added allowing multiple items at once. Clan system converted to
               new format.

21st Mar 2004: Kingdom of Ahner area added - Zendalonii. Mud-wide revenge
               added for all PK. 200-201 separated from 190-199 in PK range.

 5th Apr 2004: Arisian Realm area added - Alhena. Max friends increased 
               from 60 to 70. 

 8th May 2004: Childs play area added - Vladia. Tournaments of Illoria
               area added - Rayna. Ability to redo T9s added. Aardwolf voting
               system added - see 'HELP VOTE' and 'HELP VOTEADMIN'

15th May 2004: Option for tier level armor in PK clans added.

24th May 2004: Added the 'notify' command. Tieronly flag added to clan 
               tier eq.

27th Jun 2004: Vilgan becomes an Immortal (again).

17th Jul 2004: Olde Worlde Carnivale area added. (Zendalonii). Repops 
               changed to be irrelevant of people in area. Debate, rp and
               wangrp (heh) channels added. Nosteal, noreown and heroonly
               object flags added. 

 8th Aug 2004: Lastkills command added. Generic vulns and resists

13th Aug 2004: Aardwolf is down for an entire week due to Hurricane
               Charley hitting Orlando :(

22nd Aug 2004: Aardwolf gets a backup site and gas generator. We
               will never be down for a week again!

15th Sep 2004: Whitdjinn rejoins the immortal team.

13th Oct 2004: Major update to Aardwolf - variable resistances are 
               added. See 'help resists'. 'Resists' command added for
               players. Raceinfo2 added. Online race editing and complete
               conversion of all mobs and objects.

18th Oct 2004: Woobleville area added, replacing Smurf Area. (Derar/
               Lorelei). The Wood Elves of Nalondir area added. (Rundvelt).
               Globe and Antimagic go resist based and mutually exclusive.

13th Oct 2004: Tymme becomes an immortal of Aardwolf.

 5th Nov 2004: PVP kills no longer result in exp loss. Awareness skill
               added. Tell history redone. Prompt %T added. 

11th Nov 2004: Speed of the mud (cycles per second) doubled. New 
               cleric spells: renew, restore life and healing touch.
               Tpenchant command added.

13th Nov 2004: Pockets2 wish added. Fantasy Fields are added (Tsubaki).
               A magical hodgepodge area added (Nalani & Ronnie)

13th Feb 2005: Oradrin's Chosen area added. (Vilgan). Lands of Legend
               area added. (Morrigu)

19th Feb 2005: Cougarian Queendom area added. (Whitdjinn)

 5th Mar 2005: Giant's pet store area added (Ardhiel). Aardwolf 
               Zoological Park area added (Xoe).

15th Apr 2005: Shen is no longer an imm.

24th Apr 2005: Vladia is no longer an imm.

28th Apr 2005: Khy, Kharpern and Xantcha become imms.

 1st May 2005: Obyron becomes an imm.

 7th May 2005: Forest of Li'Dnesh area added. (Jehanine and
               Maarek). The Marshlands of Agroth area added 
               (Pursia and Falkon). Who active and who tester
               added. Rauction limits and bid limits changed.

10th Jun 2005: Curse of the midnight fens added (Calabus). Necromancers
               guild added (Timeghost). Gaardian v2 clanskill added. 
               Several changes to raiding made.

 2nd Aug 2005: Aardwolf T1 move to new location completed.

25th Aug 2005: Gallow's hills area added (Drew). Raganatittu area
               added. (Ciaran). Nocurse command added. 

30th Aug 2005: Tela becomes an imm.

 5th Sep 2005: Aardwolf Texas Hold'em added - major new feature by
               Xantcha and Filt. Misty Shores of Yarr area (Jardin).

16th Sep 2005: Sen'narre Lake area added (Tsubaki). 'poker status'
               added. Setweight for all items. Quaff disabled in pk.
               PK damage increased 50% in war/cmaze as a test. T9 
               redo exp now the same as a non-tier. 

30th Sep 2005: Online web based helpfile editor added - Xantcha. 
               Setwanted added (help setwanted). New skills/spells and
               affects system added. 

 1st Oct 2005: True total line added to 'stats' command.

 8th Oct 2005: Skill and spell groups completely removed. Dodges reduced
               vs multiple opponents. Restart command removed.

15th Oct 2005: Aardwolf map feature added. Automap and map commands  
               included. See 'HELP MAP' for more. Notitle / automated title
               changing removed. Online sector editor added. Some tier
               names changed.

22nd Oct 2005: New map version with solid lines added. Aggie mobs now
               show. Area exits marked separately. Maptags command added.
               Extended characters added. Searchable channel history.

28th Oct 2005: Closed doors added to map. Noscan mobs removed. Wars
               now cost 500,000 gold instead of a trivia point.

11th Nov 2005: Rhist added for imms. Custom exits added. Cradlebrook
               area added replacing Gnome Village (Tir). Snuckles Village
               area added (Halo & Ikyu). 

14th Dec 2005: Bigmap command added on test port. Hunger and weight
               commands added. Map now shows while running, maprun toggle
               will turn it off.

Continued in 'HELP HISTORY12'...