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Here are quick navigation points for Vidblain.

The coordinates of the areas are:

Darklight:  14, 23  (then down twice)
The Witches of Omen Tor: 11, 8
The Keep of the Asherodan: 10, 15 (then up)
Imperial Nation: 23, 4
Sendhia: 5 ,6  (and type 'moonrift' once there to get into the area)

The difference between your current coordinates and the area coordinates
gives the number of rooms and direction to run.

Alternatively, head north until you hit the Celestial Equator and follow
it west to find the the Major Equatorial Locus.  From there, you can use
the following speedwalks:

Darklight: run 9SW2D
The Witches of Omen Tor: run 4W8N
Imperial Nation: run 8E10N
Sendhia: run 10E8N then type moonrift

Sendhia is in the northwest quadrant at the end of the Walk of Stars -

Head north along the Celestial Meridian to Imperial Way, then head west to
get to The Witches of Omen Tor or east and north at Iacuto to find Imperial

Darklight lies just west of the Prime Celestial Meridian to the south of
the Major Equatorial Locus, near the Mindtrap.