Help Keywords : Exits 'Custom Exits'.
Help Category : Information.
Related Helps : Enter, Scan.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-14 21:25:50.

Syntax: exits

This command informs you of the visible exits in your room.  Exits with
parentheses are closed doors.  Custom exits also appear in exits- 'other'
will be shown in exits when entering a room and the 'exits' command will
show 'Custom', with the command to use the exit on the next line.

As an example, you might see: [ Exits: north east other ], so here you
would just type 'exits' to see the custom exit. If it says:
Custom         : A Dirt Path 
                 Name:  Open gate      
Here you would need to type 'open gate'.

Note that some exits may be hidden.  You will have to find the proper key
words or custom phrase in order to open or use that exit.

There may be other ways to get out of a room, such as transfer via a mob
program (see 'help area quests'), summon via a player, or using a portal
(see 'help enter').  These are not listed in 'exits'.