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Last Updated  : 2010-08-14 16:26:47.
For full details on V3 and an overview of changes, please visit:


There are many important things you need to know about V3, all of which 
are documented on the site given above. Some of the most important changes 
you need to know right away are:

- If your CON is extremely low, you will take more damage. Close to your
  level is a good general guideline, but slightly below won't really make
  much difference. Training CON higher will reduce damage further.

- Armor class no longer exists and has been converted to resistances.

- Several spells were not converted to v3, but replaced with similar spells.
  Full details are on the site.

- Mobs that were always intended to be immune to all magical types were
  bugged in V2 for shadow, air and earth damage types. That is not the 
  case here.

- Most attack spells and a number of skills have changed in how their
  damage works - they will never fail to cast but the damage will be
  based on your percentage practiced. For example, with fireball at 50%
  it will still always cast, but do 50% of the damage. 

- If you don't like the new pager prompt, use 'pageprompt' to set your

- If your spellup script is based on the old 'spells' command format,
  just enter 'alias spells oldspells' and you'll be all set.

These are by no means the biggest changes, just those you need to know 
right away. Please see the site for full details.