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 Last Updated  : 2017-07-20 10:03:27.

     consider <monster>


 Type 'consider <monster name>' to see your chances of defeating the monster
    in combat.
 Type 'consider' to see your chances of defeating all of the monsters in 
    the room.


 Consider tells you what your chances are of killing a monster.  Of course,
 it's only a rough estimate, based purely on your level versus the target's.
 It does not take stats and special abilities into account.

 The consider ratings are:

 Consider Message                                         Relative Mob Level

 You would stomp <mob> into the ground.                        -20 and below
 <mob> would be easy, but is it even worth the work out?       -10 to -19
 No Problem! <mob> is weak compared to you.                     -5 to -9
 <mob> looks a little worried about the idea.                   -2 to -4
 <mob> should be a fair fight!                                  -1 to +1
 <mob> snickers nervously.                                      +2 to +4
 <mob> chuckles at the thought of you fighting him/her.         +5 to +9
 Best run away from <mob> while you can!                       +10 to +15
 Challenging <mob> would be either very brave or very stupid.  +16 to +20
 <mob> would crush you like a bug!                             +21 to +30
 <mob> would dance on your grave!                              +31 to +40
 <mob> says 'BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT unworthy!'                   +41 to +50
 You would be completely annihilated by <mob>!                 +51 and above