Character Creation

Watch this video to see how easy it is to create your very own Aardwolf Character.

Character Creation Process

The Aylorian Academy

This is a series of short video tutorials on progressing through the Aylorian Academy and learning how to play Aardwolf.

Enlisting in the Aylorian Academy

Basic Training with Claire

Skills and Spells Training with Vorth

Hunting and Combat Training with Commander Dahr

Health Training with Nurse Orcron

Equipment Training with Filt

Economics Training with Vladia

Communication Training with Aaeron

Geography Training with Klau

Social Studies Training with Glimmer

Career Training with Wolfie

Configuration Training with Lao

Graduating from the Aylorian Academy

**A tour of the academy grounds and basement.

Advanced Tutorials

This section takes us beyond what the Academy has to teach us.

Notes and note writing - How to change forums and write a personal note.

The following pages have tutorial videos grouped by topic and are not necessarily in any particular order.
To see the order they were made in, please visit the Aardrumour youtube page and watch the videos from oldest to newest.

Auctions and long term Marketplace

Clan Halls

Daily Blessings Explained





(Includes skills and spells)

Major Events



Questing and Campaigning
(Includes navigation around areas and how to find mobs.)

Rules and Policies
(How to keep Aardwolf fair for everyone.)

(Includes clan and player services to the MUD and some basic commands.)

Trivia Points
(Includes TP tokens and what you can do with them.)

Wars and Combat

Web Sites

Aardwolf MushClient Tutorials

This section is for some basic mushclient help using the customised Aardwolf version that is found on the Aardwolf MUD Homepage.

How to stay connected to Aardwolf using the void message - Your eyes glaze over.

Testport Tutorials

This section is for testers and builders and those who want to learn how to help Aardwolf grow.

How to copy your Aardwolf character over to the test port in one easy step.

Test Commands
(How to use the various commands found in help testcommands.)

A bit of Fun!

This section contains a bit of fun.

Merry Christmas from your Imm Team (2014).

These videos are best viewed in 1080p HD and in full screen. Any other setting will make the text too blury to read, though the audio will still come through clearly.


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