Use this section to post non-urgent questions or things that may have complicated answers. Others who know this stuff can come through and explain.

Q: How do I use colors?
A: You would use colours in much the same way that you do in Aard. Instead of @R or @r for red you'd use %red%. To stop it from bleeding type %%. For more colours and How-To on custom colours see the Documentation Index: Wiki Styles

Q: Class and Race Combos.
If this is the appropriate place to request a topic or topic expansion, I think it would be very useful to post the "list of good racial combos" referred to on the Character Creation page, unless there are too many possible combinations to make this possible. In hindsight, I would like to see if the combination I picked was good, bad, or neither.

Q: Are there any evil aligned shops for newbies to shop at?