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Last Updated : 2021-03-27 18:09:43.
Spellup tags are probably the most complicated set. When you have spellup tags on, you will see multiple tags with information in each. When fully using spellup tags you can build some powerful spellup scripts without having to constantly check your spells list.

                   successfully landed and will last for 1650 seconds.

Spell Wearoff : {affoff}72 - Spell # 72 just wore off.

                   seconds until expiration.

Spell Failure :

  Spell failure is the most complex. Here is an example 'sfail' tag:


  The format of 'sfail' is: 

      Spell or skill #
      Target: 0 for cast on self, 1 for cast on other
      The reason for failure (see below)
      If failure was because of a recovery, the recovery number.

      Reasons for failure are:

          1  - Regular fail, lost concentration. 
          2  - Already affected.
          3  - Cast blocked by a recovery, see below.
          4  - Not enough mana.
          5  - You are in a nocast room.
          6  - Fighting or other "can't concentrate".
          8  - You don't know the spell.
          9  - Tried to cast self only on other.
         10  - You are resting / sitting.
         11  - Skill/spell has been disabled.
         12  - Not enough moves.

There is a new command called 'slist' that can be used to capture your skill/spell list for loading into spellup addons. Slist also displays a list of recoveries for use with skills/spells that use cooldowns.

The general function of a set of spellup triggers will be:

   Capture master list of skills/spells using slist.
   Maybe capture only learned spells using 'slist learned'

   -- On reconnect/when you need to resync.
   slist affected

   -- Then use affon/affoff tags along with failure codes.

See 'help slist' for a definition of all the fields in that command.

Important Note -----------------------

At the time of writing, the spellup tags basically work but there will be 'special cases' where the correct tags are not reported. Usually will these be on skills or spells where failure is handled in the code for the ability itself rather than the skill/spell handler.

For example, because 'true seeing' can be recast over and over, it will never report failure and scripts may get into a loop recasting it. This particular spell needs to report 'already affected' when you have all the affects.

Please post these to the bugs board as they are found. Thanks.