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Last Updated  : 2023-04-11 21:18:52.
From the people who know it best, here are a few tips from some of our
current VI players.

- Screenreaders are happiest when they can read in black and white, not color.

- Running with punctuation off in your screenreader makes a world of
difference so you don't hear "dash dash dash" or "equals equals equals" in
MUD output.

- Reduce spam immediately! Read 'help spamreduce' file. Use 'spamreduce 
all' to turn on all options at once.

- Use 'brief 1' to set your character to only read descriptions when first
entering a new room rather than every time you enter a room.

- Keep channels to a minimum.  Keep newbie and question channels on.  The
rest are nice, but not necessary.  Turn them on as you get used to the MUd.

- Make sure you are using Aardwolf's tell catching system- type 'catchtell'
to turn it on.  It will save your tells and allow you to replay them at
your leisure rather than displaying them right away.

- When in a room, use the glance command to see quick information about the
room without having to read the entire room description again.  More 
information can be found in 'help glance'.

- Channels have a history.  You can replay what you may have missed on a
channel by typing channelname dash h.  If you want to limit it further, put
a number like 5 or 10 after the h to only replay the last 5 or 10 things
said on that channel.

- Turn off automap and maprun.  It's a lot of extra info that only confuses
screen readers.

- Use audio Triggers.  You will quickly learn (and can ask) what output is
used when something happens.  For example, you can set an audio trigger on
the message that you are able to quest again, or when double experience

- Once comfortable with Aardwolf and your client, tags can be very useful
in filtering out only the data you want.  The helpfile 'help tags' has more

- turn on 'blindmode 1' to allow players to find you when they type 'who
blind' or 'who vi'

- The Gaardian clan has a website with accessible maps for many areas.
 You can find the maps at

- type 'daily blessing' once every 23 hours to receive a fun free gift. 

- If you haven't already, download the free non-visual base version of 
 MUSHClient at: 

This next part may be too in-depth but I included it in case whoever does
this thinks it's not. I can't decide:

- Four useful plugins come with the non-visual version of MUSHclient:
 Aardwolf_Vital_Shortcuts (type vitals help), Aardwolf_Commands_to_Notepad
(type mc command and then type <your command>. For example, type mc
command where), Aardwolf_Vi_Review_Buffers (type vi help), and the
Soundpack (type sphelp). Type aard help for some other useful commands.

If you have a suggestion we might have missed, don't hesitate to tell a
Helper or post a note to Imm on the personal board, and we'll gladly add it