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Last Updated  : 2010-11-27 16:29:55.
There are several different types of timers in play on Aardwolf.  This
file is an attempt to help understand the differences between them and
provide a common syntax for discussion.

Affects timers are the most common and have been around since Aardwolf's
inception.  These are the timers that show the duration of spells/skills
which are currently affecting you.  These are the durations affected by
the Duration wish (see 'help wish').

Recovery timers are a new addition with subclass skills/spells (see 'help
subclasses').  These timers prevent one or more spells from being cast in
a given period of time.  They generally only drop while connected to the 
MUD, and cannot be removed except via remort or tier.

Special affects timers are non-spell/skill game mechanics timers.  They
include such things as the (in)ability to change subclass or use channels.
These generally continue to count down whether online or offline.  Remort
or tier should not clear these affects.

Spells/skills and mechanics with timers will reference them individually.