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Last Updated  : 2017-10-28 16:37:44.

22nd Mar 1997: Butcher skill is added. 'Skills' and 'spells' commands 
               rewritten. The clans Light, Baal, Hook and Dragon are born.

29th Mar 1997: Fido-Express courier service is added.

 4th Apr 1997: Vortex skill implemented for Emerald.
               [HELPER] flag added. Combat maze added. Quest
               counters added to pfiles/whois.

12th Apr 1997: Warfare automated. Newbie and helper channels.
               spec_psionicist added. Pepe and Ragnar's areas added.

19th Apr 1997: Mobdeaths command added.

20th Apr 1997: Online Mobprog editing on builder's port.

26th Apr 1997: Scry spell added. Midgaard hospital open. ATM's in.

 3rd May 1997: Gamestat command added. School of Horrors and Soulblade
               added. 'Findcorpse' and 'newwhere' for helpers.

10th May 1997: Web/Dissolve added. Corpse/Death messages redone.
               'Changing' flag added. Takeda's warcamp area in.
               Research, Seek and Treasure Hunt added.

17th May 1997: Clan deities, morgues, donateqp added.

25th May 1997: Command table rewritten, ownedwhere added.

31st May 1997: Appraise added. Spam protection added. Area reset messages

 6th Jun 1997: Skill/spell system rewritten! - all loading from config
               files and fully settable online.

14th Jun 1997: Attributes command added. Nospam command added.

18th Jun 1997: Spiral, panic, blades of light, sustenance and light
               arrow added.

19th Jun 1997 :Sweep, Strangle, Absorb, Herbal Remedy added.

20th Jun 1997 :Ego Boost, Tame, Acid Stream, Cleave added.
               Aardwolf gets RAM upgrade, more areas coming!    

21st Jun 1997 :Counter strike, Divining added. Major skill/spell

22nd Jun 1997 :Exp/Online time penalty removed from Aardwolf.
               Mota declares there should be more war!  

28th Jun 1997: Marriage is implemented. See 'Help Marriage'.

Continued in 'HISTORY04'....