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 Last Updated  : 2017-03-07 11:16:24.

 In order to free up system resources and inactive names, Aardwolf will 
 archive inactive accounts from time to time. The rules used to determine 
 which characters get archived are:

 * Any character that has reached tier level or earned more than 10,000
   quest points over the life of their character is never archived.

 * Any character with the RIP, Helper, Advisor or Banned flag is
   never archived.

 * Excluding the above two groups, any characters that have not logged 
   onto Aardwolf in more than 5 years are archived.

 * Characters offline between 2 and 5 years that have not reached 
   level 201 or earned 2,000 qp total will be archived.

 * Characters offline between 90 days and 2 years that have not 
   reached level 10 or earned 50 qp total will be archived.

 * Any character online in the last 90 days is kept regardless of

 We feel that these rules are very generous and, as much as possible, 
 avoid removing characters that are likely to return. Reaching level 10 
 or 50qp earned is less than a couple of hours playing and you are then 
 safe from archiving for 2 years.

 If you have a character that has been archived, there is a good chance
 that it can be recovered. Please write a note to 'imm' on the personal
 board if this is the case. If the name has since been used by another 
 player you will be required to choose a new name.

 Please note that if you get archived it is likely that your manor will be 
 recycled. If this happens and you are later unarchived, the manor will 
 *not* be available to you.

 If you are married to a player who gets archived, you will be divorced
 at login with no wait to remarry. You will no longer be able to use
 their equipment.