Client FAQ

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 Last Updated  : 2017-07-26 10:57:28.
 The following are common questions regarding various MUD clients and
 Aardwolf.  For more help with the Aardwolf MUD client, visit the web page .

 How do I enable MCCP?
 This varies based upon the client used.  See 'help mccp' for more details.

 In the Aardwolf client, channels show up in both the main window and the
 chats window.
 Type 'chats echo off' to show channels in the chat window only.

 How do I close one of the Aardwolf client windows?
 You can simply hit the X in the corner of the window to close it, or
 remove the particular plugin completely (see the FAQ on disabling plugins
 on the FAQ web page, listed above).

 I tried the Aardwolf client, and now there's a bunch of numbers and stuff
 after my prompt, before channels, etc.
 Type 'statmon' to toggle off prompt information and 'tags off' to turn off
 the tags around channels & other messages.  See 'help statmon'/'help tags'.

 I can't use .p , .q , and other commands in the editor.
 See the bottom of 'help description' for an explanation and solution.

 I want to see my map in the main window, not in a different one.
 Click on the main window, then select file, then plugins.
 Select Aardwolf_map, then remove to disinstall plugin.

 Where do I find scripts for my client?
 See 'help www' for a list of player/clan-owned websites which may include
 scripts.  Alternate places include asking on the Tech channel or board, or
 forums for the client itself.