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Last Updated  : 2017-07-19 19:35:12.
One of the changes in V3 is varying levels of light.  Rather than simply
being 'dark' or 'not dark', each room now has an individual light value.

If you are a new player who has ended up with the message "You see nothing
but darkness..." then you can either: wear a light from your inventory,
'runto groceries' in The Grand City of Aylor to obtain a new torch, use the
night vision spell ('showspell night vision'), find a night vision potion
('potsearch night vision') or use the barter channel to ask for someone to
auction a light (a hallowed light is a good example of a permanent light
to ask for).

To see in a room without magical assistance, a room needs a total light
value of zero or higher.  Most rooms will have a light value of 0 (or -1
if the room had a 'dark' room flag in V2).  Each light source in the room
(objects with type light, campfire, player's lights) increases the light
value by 1.  Rooms flagged outdoors have light value decreased by one at
night.  Special objects/spells may change the light value as well.

The game determines whether a location is inside or outside based on a
combination of room and terrain flags.  Each terrain type (many of which
are listed in 'help map') has a default indoors/outdoors setting- mountains
are outdoors, underground is indoors.  Flagging a room indoors or outdoors
overrides the terrain type.  The warrior/ranger ability 'recon' can show if
a room is indoors or outdoors.

Some examples:

* Room has default light (0), inside flag at night (0).  Player with a
  light (+1) enters room.  Player will be able to see (total +1).  Remove
  light and player can still see (0).

* Room had V2 'dark' flag (default -1), inside flag during day (0).  Player
  with light (+1) enters room.  Player will be able to see (total 0), but
  will not if light is removed (-1).

* Room has V2 'dark' flag (-1), outdoors flag at night (-1).  Player with
  light (+1) enters room.  Player cannot see (total -1) until another light
  is dropped, a campfire is made, or another player with a light enters the
  room (new total 0).

At this time, variable light is still a framework that has not been fully
used.  For this reason, there will very rarely be rooms with light values
other than 0 or -1, and outdoors rooms will very rarely have -1 default.