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Vidblain is a place where several areas are scrunched together in the sky.
A sighted player can type bigmap and see general locations, but this is not
an option for most VI players.  Vidblain was actually created with a very
specific grid layout that aids visually impaired players in maneuvering
through it.  This file lists several ways to help navigate through the
continent successfully.

Note that this helpfile is rather long, due to the number of useful ways to
get around Vidblain.  The help file 'help VI-summary' gives a condensed
version of the information in this file.

Any time a speedwalk is used to get to Vidblain, you enter the hole at the
end and are dropped in a random location on Vidblain.  There are four ways
to more easily navigate Vidblain.

The easiest way to find out where you are is to use the 'coordinates'
command.  (Until recently, this wasn't available.)  Type coordinates to get
an x y location.  The coordinates of the areas are

Darklight:  14, 23  (then down twice)
The Witches of Omen Tor: 11, 8
The Keep of the Asherodan: 10, 15 (then up)
Imperial Nation: 23, 4
Sendhia: 5 ,6  (and type 'moonrift' once there to get into the area)

The difference between your current coordinates and the area coordinates
gives the number of rooms and direction to run.

Most of the Vidblain areas have area portals.  Though they will not work 
at all levels (the lowest level portal is Imperial Nation at level 85),
the portal lands in a fixed location.  Coupled with the coordinates listed
above, it is easier to set up speedwalks starting from that fixed point.
Many sites which offer speedwalks include starting from other portals.
(Another, more expensive, route is to buy a trivia portal to an area in
Vidblain.  This is the same result, but usable at level 1.  See 'help
trivia portal' for more information.)

For the less mathematically inclined, learning the grid layout is also
relatively easy.  Running west to east in the center of Vidblain is the
Celestial Equator. Running north to south in the center is the Prime
Celestial Meridian.  They intersect at the Major Equatorial Locus.

If you head north until you hit the Celestial Equator and follow it west,
you will hit the Major Equatorial Locus.  From the Major Equatorial Locus,
you can use the following speedwalks:

Darklight: run 9SW2D
The Witches of Omen Tor: run 4W8N
Imperial Nation: run 8E10N
Sendhia: run 10E8N then type moonrift

Finally, some players have found a general description of the map is
easier for them for exploring.  Finding any of several landmarks can give
an idea of where you are relative to where you want to go.

Here is a detailed explanation of the map visual players see and an idea
of some landmarks and relative area locations.

We will start with the general grid.  There are four major corners of
Vidblain.  The northwest corner is called the Minor Celestial Antipode and
the northeast corner is called the Major Celestial Antipode.  The southwest
corner is called the Minor Fundamental Locus, while the Southeast corner is
called the Minor Fundamental  Antipode. Running north and south exactly
between these corners is a line called the Prime Celestial Meridian.  The
Prime Celestial Meridian starts in the north at the Major Fundamental
Antipode, exactly between the Major and Minor Celestial Antipodes.  The
Prime Celestial Meridian ends in the South at the Major Fundamental Locus,
which is exactly between the two southern corners.  Running east and west
in the dead center of Vidblain is the Celestial Equator.  The Minor 
Equatorial Locus is on the far west side, and the Minor Equatorial Antipode
is on the far East side.

At this point, you have a very general grid layout of Vidblain.

Generally speaking, Sendhia is recognized on bigmap as a big blue star in
the north west quadrant of the map.  Sendhia is marked by moon like rooms.
It should also be noted that the walk of stars - luna eventually ends at

By following the Zenith Trail north from the Celestial Equator, you will
find The Witches of Omen Tor.  It is also near the Crystalline Creature.

Imperial Nation is in the northeast quadrant, and has landmarks near of it
marked the Imperial Way and Imperial Space. 

When you get near the Mindtrap in the south center region, the darklight
area is near by. 

As always, this is intended to be a general guide. Exploring the area,
you may discover other clues or hints that help you through the area.