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Related Helps : Drink, Fill, EQ-Liquids.
Last Updated  : 2012-08-07 18:21:43.
With the introduction of V3, Aardwolf no longer has a set list of liquids.
Instead, any liquid may have a custom string for the name (cream soda, tap
water, soy milk, concentrated yak spit- nearly any string, subject to Imm
approval) and hunger/thirst/proof values are set individually, from 0 to

Purchasing a custom liquid includes choosing settings for liquid name as
well as hunger, thirst, and proof (drunkenness), from 0 to 100.  For this
reason, there is an additional cost to manor owners and clans to use this
upgrade.  See 'help mu-objects' and 'help eq-fountains'/'help
eq-drinkcontainers' for pricing.  Include the liquid name and hunger,
thirst, and proof values when requesting a custom liquid type.

You may also form cocktails by mixing multiple liquids together in a
container- see 'help fill' for details.