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 Last Updated  : 2016-04-20 03:43:28.

 As of October 2015 the 'saves' stat has been removed from Aardwolf. Saves
 effects on equipment and as part of spells has been replaced with other
 stats. Items that were enchanted or unique items such as clan equipment
 will not automatically update, there is a command to randomly replace the

    savesupgrade [item]

 For a trivia point you can undo the savesupgrade to roll the stats again,
 to do this use:

    savesupgrade [item] reverse

 Using the command 'savesupgrade list' will show items in your inventory
 that have saves.

 The full announcement note and details from this change is included below.


 * Focusing on fully removing saves from the game. Saves have now been
   replaced with new effects on all new objects in live. Items that are
   not enchanted or unique (clan items) will pick up the stats from their
   new base item.

   Items that are unique, which includes anything that has been enchanted
   and all clan items, will not pick up the stats. For those items, there is
   a new command called 'savesupgrade' that will randomly assign the object
   points that were taken up in saves to other stats.

   The roll is weighted towards stats and damroll but it's possible to
   roll any stats including resists. To use it, simply type 'savesupgrade
   [item]'. The saves will be removed and the stats assigned. If an item
   has negative saves they will just be removed, no negatives added to
   anything else. This roll can allow an item to go slightly over max in
   a specific stat type - 1 'builder point' over max in any single
   category (hr, dr, stats, hmv). On items over max already you can't roll
   that stat. If an item is over max on all stats then you're just going
   to get resists.

   The max is not perfect - it's based on a combination of level and 
   existing enchant flags. Some items will probably go a little over max,
   some will stop a little short of their theoretical max. Without 
   specific tracking for what stats came from where we can only estimate.

   The interesting part (for me at least) is that the item will remember
   exactly which stats were added from savesupgrade and there is a trivia
   point based 'savesupgrade reverse'. Don't like the stats you rolled?
   For a trivia point you can 'savesupgrade [item] reverse' to undo the
   whole thing and try again. This is using completely new item code that
   has a lot of potential for enchants. Prior to these changes, any stats
   added to items were just merged in with everything else and no real
   record of what came from where.

   Note that reversal can only be done if the stats are still on the
   item. If they have since been wiped (by a failed enchant for
   example), the reversal cannot be done. If stats have been ADDED
   that's ok, only the amount added by savesupgrade will be removed.

   Higher level players, don't blow off stats if you're already at 600.
   I'm planning to make stats over 600 start to count for something with
   dimishing returns. This isn't the same as increasing the cap which I
   am not planning to do, but to make those 'overmax' stats have _some_
   impact. For the math inclined, something like square root (so 16
   counts as 4, 36 counts as 6, etc) but not quite that extreme.