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Last Updated  : 2023-04-11 21:12:54.
Aardwolf has become a home to many people.  We are pleased to be able
to have such a strong VI (Visually Impaired) following.

Aardwolf recognizes that some of our visually impaired players may not have
access to helpful tools, such as maps, that are available to others, and
while immortals, the Helper team, and other players are always willing to
help, several players who have been around Aardwolf for a very long time
(many of whom are visually impaired) have contributed to these files as a
way to enhance the Aardwolf experience of those who mud differently.

A series of Help Files have been created for VI Players.  Below is the
index for them as well as a brief description.

The VI Helpfiles can also be found on the wiki,
Simply click on Visually Impaired.

VI-Clients   : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Clients  
VI-Vidblain  : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Vidblain 
VI-Tips      : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Tips     
VI-Summary   : Help for Visually Impaired Players - Vidblain summary  

As always, if you need any additional help, or would like to see additional
information available, please contact an immortal or a helper.