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Last Updated  : 2010-05-03 19:08:56.
The design of tell tags was intended to work so that you can capture tells 
to a separate window.  However, there are a few changes to how sending and
receiving tells work when tell tags are enabled:

When sending tells, you will still see messages that '<Player> is ignoring
you', '<Player> is AFK (reason)', '<Player< is deaf', etc., without tags.
With telltags on, the tell will be shown and tagged as it would appear in
tell history, even if it did not go through; for example, the tagged tell
will show "You tell Ivar (Ignored)" or "You tell Lasher (AFK)", preventing
the need to check for or capture other output.

When receiving tells, the tell will always appear, tagged, right when it is
sent.  If the tell would not normally be seen right away (afk, in editor,
using catchtells), the tell will also store to the replay buffer and the
typical messages will still appear (untagged).  Typing replay will show the
tells without tags, preventing duplication and still allowing for special
features of the replay buffer (tells posted to a personal note if the MUD
reboots, tell search history, etc.).