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Last Updated  : 2009-12-09 13:59:21.
Much the same way a player gains new skills, spells, and stats as they
continue to level on Aardwolf, an Immortal gains new duties and abilities as
well.  Higher-level immortals tend to have more responsibilities, and thus
have access to more commands.  Most of these commands are used in mysterious
ways; some, however, have some important usage in mortal affairs. Immortals
are often asked to perform various services, some of which may not be
available at their current level.  This helpfile was created to help show
which Imms are able to do some of the more common services requested.

You can check a visible Imm's level with the 'whois' command.  If you are
not sure whether the person is an Immortal, type 'wizlist'.

Level      Abilities
-----      ---------
 203       Global announcements.
           Perform marriage ceremonies.
           Remove nochannel.

 204       Change rooms/mobs/objects/mobprograms.
           Create new socials.
           Perform clan and manor upgrades.
           Perform divorces.
           Replace defunct (regular) chaos portals.
           Replace tier pin after tiering.
           Restring objects.
           Retrieve equipment from offline players.
           Sponsor poker games.

 205       Add or remove clan leaders.
           Change lost/forgotten passwords.
           Create trivia portals.
           Globally restore all players.
           Rename characters.
           Replace defunct golden chaos portals.
           Set loner status.
           Set superhero 'who name'.

 210       Archive / restore characters and parts of pfiles.
 (Lasher)  Check donations.
           Remove loner status.

When sending a tell, most Imms prefer to be asked the question directly,
rather than receiving tells asking 'Hi, are you busy', 'Can I ask you
something', or just 'Hi'.  If an Imm is visible and active, you will get a

If an Imm of the desired level is not available or not responding, feel free
to post a note to Imm on the Personal board with your request. (Clan
or manor upgrade requests and superhero whoname requests should go to the
Upgrades board.)