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Rau-Chulegg the Ungod, Flayer of Souls, is Demon Prince of the hell
dimension known as Abortha shin'Dhoil, where souls are condemned to spend
eternity being scourged to the bone before being sent to labor in salt
mines. Naming Rau-Chulegg is often considered bad luck, and "Rau" is used
as a curse in some parts of Alagh. He is best known in demonic mythology
as something of a free agent, as he refused to bow to Valkur, the Demon Lord.

It is said that a millenium ago Rau-Chulegg escaped from his prison and
terrorized the then-tranquil continent of Alagh. The war that ensued to
banish him back to Abortha shin'Dhoil turned that continent into the blasted
land it is today, and that a lingering part of his spirit is what gives the
Alagh Badlands their notorious aura of doom.