Help Keywords : Affects Saffects.
 Help Category : Information.
 Related Helps : Aflags, Autolist, Recovery, Score.
 Last Updated  : 2017-06-19 15:09:50.
 Syntax: affects|saffects (filter|[search text])

 The affects command shows all spells and skills that affect your character
 over a period of time, and that are currently active.  These affects may
 have been placed on you by yourself or other sources.  Affects will also
 show recovery timers and other special affects (see 'help timers'), as well
 as any skill modifiers from equipment.  A shortened version of this list,
 which shows only the spell name and time remaining, can be accessed by
 the command 'saffects'.

 You may filter affects/saffects in one of two ways.  You can search for a
 specific affect by adding the search text after (for example, 'aff inert'
 or 'saff wr').  You may also use any of the sort options that are found in
 'help spells'- 'saffects spellup' or 'affects bad', for example.

 Using 'affects bad' or 'saffects bad' will only display affects which are
 considered detrimental, such as poisons, curses, and the like.

 The 'aflags' command (see 'help aflags') will list all the affects that are
 currently affecting your character.