Help Keywords : Goals.
Help Category : Information.
Related Helps : Area Quests, Goal solving, Quests, Tasks.
Last Updated  : 2010-06-25 22:14:27.
Syntax: goals                         : List all non-hidden goals.
        goals <goal/search text>      : Lists information for given goal.
        goals here                    : Lists current area goal info.
        goals <sort option(s)> <text> : Lists all goals matching search.
        goals stats <option(s)>       : Show global opened/completed stats.
        goals <playername>            : Show player goal list. (Imm-only)

Many areas have goals.  These goals are made up of several steps, or tasks;
these tasks can vary from simply giving a response to
finding a particular item to killing multiple enemies of the task-giver.
Often times, goals include small rewards as you progress as well as special
bonuses for completing the entire goal.

Type 'goals' by itself to see a list of all goals.  'goals <goal name>' will
give more information on the specific goal, and 'goals here' will give goal
information on the current area.  'goals <search text>' lists all goals
with the given search text in the goal name or description.

Several other options can also be combined with 'goals' searches:

  <level range> : Lists all goals from minimum level to optional max level.
  new           : Lists goals you have not started.
  open          : Lists all goals you have started.
  notdone       : Lists goals that you have not completed.
  completed     : Lists all goals you have completed.
  byname        : Sorts goal output alphabetically rather than by level.
  byrating      : Sorts goals by difficulty rating instead of level.

These options may be combined, e.g., 'goals 15 50 new hero' or 'goals 150
open byrating'.

'goals stats' displays how many players have started and completed each
listed goal.  You may use the sort options 'bytaken' and 'bydone' (as well
as normal sort options) to change how these results are displayed.

Immortals may see a player's goal listing by typing 'goals <playername>'.

Goals generally have several tasks as part of their completion progress.
See 'help tasks' for more information on how to see these tasks. See 'help
goal solving' for general advice on solving goals, and 'help <goal name>'
for some additional information on the area and its task.