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Syntax: stats
stats saved - see 'help sh-stats' for explanation.

Stats are the attributes that define every player's abilities. Stats are very important in Aardwolf and determine the style of your character. See below for a brief description of each stat, or see the help file on each for more detail (for example, 'help str').

The 'stats' command shows natural stats, stats from equipment and stats from spells, along with a total. Class bonuses to stats are also shown.

Actual totals and listed totals may not add up; this is due to limitations set on both natural and bonus stats. (See 'help maxtrains'). The second totals row shows the adjusted score without these level maximums.

The six stats are Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Luck. The basic details on each are as follows:

Strength (Str)
Increases weapon attack and damage (hitroll and damroll). Aids in melee combat and Warrior/Thief/Ranger attack skills. Determines how much weight you can carry.
Dexterity (Dex)
Determines how easily you can dodge and avoid hits. Helps increase the effectiveness of many skills, particularly those used by Thieves. Determines how many times in a round you will hit.
Constitution (Con)
Reduces overall damage taken. Useful for many Ranger, Thief, and Warrior skills and Paladin abilities.
Intelligence (Int)
Increases damage from combat spells, especially those of Mages, Paladins, and Psionicists. Determines how much you will increase in a skill or spell each time it is practiced. Increases the chance of avoiding the harmful effects of spells such as poison, blindness, plague, etc.
Wisdom (Wis)
Increases the damage of Cleric spells, and also has a high impact on Psionicist spells. Determines how many practices you gain each level. Increases hit points gained from heal spells, as well as the amount of protection offered by some protective spells (such as Sanctuary).
Affects virtually everything in the game, but to a lesser extent. For example, most Thief skills or Mage spells may be more effective with higher luck, but the same increase in Dex/Int will be more noticeable. Helps determine how many stats you gain when you level. Aids in avoiding hits using various dodge-type skills.
Do not underestimate the value of planning your stats carefully. Every skill and spell in Aardwolf has been rewritten to be very much more dependent on stats. For example, increasing your Int as a spellcaster *will* slightly increase the damage of the spells you do. Every skill and spell has multipliers based on stats.

See 'help class stats' for recommended stats to train for each class.