Hit Points

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Hit points are the life-blood of your character.  You lose hit points as
you are hit by things (mobs, players, etc).  Once you hit 0 hit points,
you're dead.  This isn't permanent game over, though- see 'help death'.

Potsearch hint: Search for 'cure light' at level 1, 'cure serious' at 
level 20, 'cure critical' at level 40 and 'heal' at levels 60+.

Mana is the magical power within each person.  Mana is used to cast spells
and harness magical energy.  Casting spells (successful or not) will take
away from mana; if you do not have sufficient mana for a spell, you will no
longer be able to cast it.  

Potsearch hint: Search for 'black lotus'.

Moves are a measurement of your vitality.  They are required to move from
room to room, and sometimes used for complex combat techniques.

Potsearch hint: Search for 'refresh'.

You will gradually recover hit points, mana, and moves as the MUD ticks (see
'help tick').  The amount varies based on several factors- trying to recover
in the middle of battle with poison running through the veins and an empty
stomach, is much more difficult than sleeping in a comfy bed with a full
stomach and a warm fireplace.

For the adventurer on the go, there are also many different spells and
abilities to help recover these stats more quickly.  Type 'contents healing'
to bring up the list.