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Last Updated  : 2008-03-22 15:33:58.
Many may report the 'bug' that entering an area from one direction does not
lead in the same direction in the area; for example, you may walk in from
the west, and be 'north' of the area entrance.  Similarly, you may walk out
of an area to the west or south, but end up to the east of the exit on the
world map.

This is simply a limitation of the exits code.  The area entrance is often
a single room, and must face a particular direction to prevent overwriting
other room exits.  Most exits should lead in appropriate directions, but 
some may not, due to placement of the exits.

There may also be some issues with the location of linked zones and what
should appear as nearby areas being on completely sections of the map, or
even completely different continents.  The map, though large, is not set to
exact scale.  While we have done our best to make most connections as 
realistic as possible, consider the few exits to areas that are not near 
each other as bonuses to shorten your paths.

Similarly, some exits are intentionally not labelled on the map, and may
require entrance from a certain direction only in order to enter the area.

We apologize for the confusion this will bring; the only answer we can add
to most of these questions is 'It's how it works, get used to it.'  It will
soon come to be a regular part of Aardwolf life.

Imms- see 'help exit' for mapexit commands.