Primary Class

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Last Updated : 2021-11-01 02:36:16.
Your primary class, or pclass, is the class that was chosen when you first created here on Aardwolf, or your first class after you tier (see 'help tier'). This class is what is shown on the first line of 'finger', as part of your class-remort combination for who/whois (W+2), and many other places.

Your primary class is a type of specialization. While you will eventually remort and gain access to more class' abilities (see 'help remort'), your primary-class skills/spells will generally be the most effective. For example, a primary-class warrior who remorts mage will do less damage when casting a fireball spell than a primary-class mage casting the spell when all other factors are equal. In contrast, the primary-class warrior will do more damage when bashing an enemy. A primary-class warrior which remorts mage (and builds stats for a mage) may still do more damage with mage spells than warrior skills; however, he/she will still not be as effective as a character which is primary-class mage and remorts warrior.

Your primary class will also offer you one of three choices for a subclass; see 'help subclass' for more information. You may shift between subclasses within your primary class, but not from a different primary class.

If you wish to change your primary class, see 'help classchange'. Note, though, that this comes at a high cost.