Anna Zalanova

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 Anna Zalanova is the Headmistress of Anatomy for the Clerics' Guild; an
 important and influential position that deals with teaching would-be clerics
 the basics of anatomical studies for all races. Due to her fondness for
 using dissection and vivisection, she has become known among other Guild
 members as the Mistress of Corpses; a title she seems to wear proudly. Anna
 is originally from the Underdark, where she hails from the same Noble House
 as Desden Alazar, Captain-General of the Warriors' Guild.

 After the murder of Jachin Belbo she was called in to perform an autopsy,
 and ruled his death the result of natural causes. Rumors quickly spread that
 she is secretly a member of the Aqua Regia; the group which purportedly had
 Belbo killed. Her response to this was snide: "Conspiracy theorists suffer
 from a disease that no cleric can cure. Perhaps the disgusting, greasy foods
 Belbo was fond of eating are also conspirators?"