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Last Updated  : 2017-10-28 16:57:15.

 6th Mar 2008: After months of coding and testing, V3 is now live!  See
               http://www.aardwolf.com/v3.html for major changes.

 6th Mar 2008: Canyon Memorial Hospital, Realm of the Zodiac, Sundered Vale,
               Swordbreaker's Hoard, and The Shadows of Minos stock area
               replacements introduced.

 7th Mar 2008: Kharpern steps down from Imm. Tymme rejoins the imm team.

11th Mar 2008: Qreset automated for 5 minutes after reboot. 
               'Areas keywords' option added. Lots of cleanup from go live.

13th Mar 2008: Grey added to colorset options. Open clan halls now 
               appear on mapper. Pagerepeat option added for paging prompt.
               'Config all' added. 

16th Mar 2008: Traitor flag is back. Autoconsume/Autosac separated for
               Vampires. Quietsell option added. Quietspells option removes
               seeing spell chanting. Death echos back - empaths/necros see
               more info.

17th Mar 2008: MCCP Hotboot fully working. Mud time back to 1 hour per 30

22nd Mar 2008: Dispel magic tweaks. Help file auto-complete. Aylor movement
               now zero cost.

25th Mar 2008: Buildopts in for the new OLC. Mobprogs working with v3 keys.
               Blackjack is back.

26th Mar 2008: Xaade steps down from Imm.

27th Mar 2008: Class change now uses subclass not primary class. 
               Separated out rest/sleep messages on commands.

31st Mar 2008: Envenom and Bless Weapon are back. Gold handling changed
               to not block based on auction bids if enough gold is carried
               to cover both actions.

 9th Apr 2008: Lua integration.  Brandish/recite/zap always 100% strength.
               Bug fixes from V3 conversion- list is getting much smaller!

15th Apr 2008: Fireproof spell re-added.  Pathfinding added (see 'help
               find').  More Lua changes, including roomprogs.

16th Apr 2008: Dodge and outdoors skills/spells filters added. 

22nd Apr 2008: Onslaught of Chaos / Gold rush now Lua based. Areas
               command redone. Thief mobs back. Clan raiding reopens.

 5th May 2008: 2000 mobprogs converted to Lua.

16th May 2008: 3000 mobprogs converted to Lua.

22nd May 2008: First area quest on new task system (Lands of legend) 
               is in.

23rd May 2008: Identify command modified to perm version. Identify wish

 2nd Jun 2008: Aylorian Academy goes live. First area to really use
               Lua beyond mobprog conversions. Over 10,000 lines of lua
               code in the area. Many things not seen before.

10th Jun 2008: FMud Flash based client added to the web page.

14th Jun 2008: Goals for Call of Heroes, Orchard and Melody added. 
               campaign timers increased. Hunger inactive below (real) 
               level 5. Extensive update for lua progs / room progs.

20th Jun 2008: Aardwolf blog released at www.aardwolf.com/blog.

24th Jun 2008: Test version of the custom client released. 

27th Jun 2008: 'Tags' and 'Statmon' commands added. Builders port moved
               to Liquidweb. ( 6000). Goals added in 
               Childsplay, Peaceful giant village, Hotel Orlando and 
               Faerie Tales 2. New portal code addded.

10th Jul 2008: New Telnet negotiation code and spellup/channels/tell
               tag added. Popularity wish added. New shop code. Campaign 
               list sorted. New goals in FT1, Gilda, Sirens Oasis Resort,
               Gallows Hill, Death Gate, Giants Pet Store and Island of
               Lost Time.

12th Jul 2008: Lua version of Oradrin's chosen added. Goal completion
               tracking started.

14th Jul 2008: Labyrinth goal added.
               Aardwolf client released - see screenshot on Aardwolf.com

19th Jul 2008: Aardwolf moved to its new live server at Softlayer.
               New goals in ST:TNG, Rosewood Castle and All in a Fayke
               Day. Flash client enhancements - split screen and command

22nd Jul 2008: Delight leaves the Imm team.

26th Jul 2008: Goal list sort options. Task history/log. Cloud City of
               Gnomalin (replaces New Ofcol) and Adaldar areas added. New
               goals in Dwarven Kingdom and Amusement Park. Rawcolors

 2nd Aug 2008: New Goals: Vale, Unearthly Bonds, Drageran Empire,
               Arisian Realm and Zoo. Runto/Runprefix commands added.  
               Glance command added.

 9th Aug 2008: New Goals: Empire of Aiighialla, Nottingham, The Port,
               Black Lagoon and (new area) Onyx Bazaar. 
               New subclass abilities: beacons, necrocide, pathfinding,
               detect undead, Odins Spear, Eye of Passage, Eye of
               Discovery. Gold can go above 2 billion. Inventory filters.
               Newbie now up to level 50. Vidblain coordinates added.

15th Aug 2008: Chaos portal rewrite - new chaos portal types, merge
               chaos spell, navigator mods. SH campaigns added. Area 
               attacks no longer start pk. Gamestat 10 added. Timeshifting
               spell added. 

16th Aug 2008: Dirtworm leaves the Imm team.

23rd Aug 2008: Ambush, Reskin, Gaias Focus, Strike Undead, Blast 
               Undead, Righteous Anger and Sense Danger subclass abilities
               added. New area: Caverns of Sahuagin. New goals: Desert
               Prison, Verume and Empire of Aiighialla. Autopk toggle

 5th Sep 2008: Rehallow subclass skill added. Gold rush, Graveyard
               and Desert Doom goals. Advisor flag added. Ignore works on

 7th Sep 2008: First superhero now free. Multicasting changes to based
               on appropriate stat for that class.

 8th Sep 2008: Citron, Justme, and Lumina join the Imm team.

25th Sep 2008: Thief class redo. Stealth, Stalk, Nimble Cunning, 
               Cell Potential, Pilferage, Fence, Eye of warning added.
               Hatchling's Aerie area added. Chaprenula's Lab, Gladiators 
               Arena, Ruins of Diamond Reach and Yggdrasil goals added.

 9th Oct 2008: New Goals: Mistridge, Beer Goblins, Reme, River of
               Despair, Snuckles and Masquerade Island. Daze/Stun skills
               redone. .SR editor option added. Touchstone and Rogues
               clanskills added.

 6th Dec 2008: New Goals: Qong, Wyrm / Wyrm2, Old Cathedral, Den of 
               Thieves, Rokugan and Lake Sen'narre. Noskills option added
               to classchange command.

21st Dec 2008: Builders and test port combined.

22nd Dec 2008: Realm of Deneria and Ketu Uplands areas added. 
               Setwanted changes added for nopk. Santa visits Aardwolf 
               with some new gifts.

30th Dec 2008: Zombify, Pray for Damnation and Pray for Absolution
               added. Clan guard stats buffed and primary class randomized.
               Object, room and skill file compression. 

-- The end of a great year for Aardwolf. 2009 opens in 'HISTORY14' --